UNTR - PT. United Tractors Tbk

Rp 17.925

-525 (-2,85%)

JAKARTA - Two subsidiaries of PT United Tractors Tbk (UNTR) acquired 1,500 shares or 100% of the shares owned by PT Prana Abadi Jaya and Jessica Casey Jaya in PT Hidup Besai Kemu (HBK) for Rp 930 million. The agreement was signed last week (12/2) in Jakarta.

As quoted from the company's disclosure on Friday (14/2), Nataza Purba, Group Legal Function Head of PT United Tractor Tbk (UNTR) said that the transaction was not conducted with any affiliated parties.

The two UNTR subsidiaries are PT Bina Pertiwi Energi (BPE) and PT Bina Pertiwi (BE). (LK/AR)