JAKARTA - 18 industrial sectors are entitled to apply for tax holiday facilities directly to the Investment Coordinating Board (ICB), says Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

“Tax holiday has recently been renewed, and we have provided information regarding the 18 sectors entitled to apply for tax holiday facilities to the ICB,” said Ms Indrawati at the 2020 Indonesia Economic and Investment Outlook event at the ICB headquarters, Monday (17/2).

The 18 industries entitled to directly apply for tax holiday facilities to the ICB are as follows:

  1. Upstream base metal

  2. Oil and gas refineries and smelters

  3. Oil and gas and coal-based petrochemicals

  4. Organic base chemicals sourced from agricultural, plantation, or forestry products

  5. Inorganic base chemicals

  6. Pharmaceutical raw materials

  7. Radiation, electromedical, or electrotherapy equipment

  8. Machinery and its primary equipment

  9. Electronic/telematic equipment primary component

  10. Robotic component to support manufacturing machinery

  11. Primary component for power plants

  12. Motor vehicles and their primary component

  13. Primary component for sea vessels

  14. Primary component for rolling stocks

  15. Primary component for aircraft and aviation-related activities

  16. Agricultural, plantation, and forest produces or pulp

  17. Economic infrastructure

  18. Digital economy including data processing, hosting, and other related activities

In addition, said Ms Indrawati, the government continues to develop various incentives to facilitate investment in Indonesia such as the Taxation Omnibus Law and Job Creation Omnibus Law. (MS)