IRRA - PT. Itama Ranoraya Tbk

Rp 2.600

-110 (-4,23%)

JAKARTA - PT Itama Ranoraya Tbk (IRRA), a medical equipment distributor, recorded Rp 281.75 billion in revenue in 2019, 6.07% higher than the figure recorded in 2018 of Rp 265.63 billion.

According to the company's financial statements, most of the company's revenue in 2019 came from the Directorate of Public Medicines and Medical Supplies Management (Rp 53.47 billion), DKI Jakarta Red Cross (Rp 36.81 billion) and PT Dharma Mitra Abadi (Rp 35.72 billion), 44.72% to the company's total revenue. However, the figure was lower than the 74.6% recorded last year, primarily because sales to the Directorate of Public Medicines and Medical Supplies Management fell from the Rp 137.1 billion recorded in 2018.

The segment that experienced the highest growth was diagnostic in vitro segment, from which the company obtained Rp 144.97 billion in revenue. In 2018, the company only obtained Rp 132.66 billion from the segment.

This year, the company also obtained Rp 18.38 billion in revenue from other sources.

In terms of expenses, IRRA experienced a 6% increase in cost of goods sold from Rp 209.61 billion to Rp 222.16 billion. Increase in salaries from Rp 3.22 billion to Rp 5.78 billion affected the increase of operational costs by 25.31%, from Rp 12.92 billion (2018) to Rp 16.19 billion (2019) (ARM/AR)