PMJS - PT. Putra Mandiri Jembar Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Putra Mandiri Jembar Tbk (PMJS), the Dipo Group is expanding its cooperation with Mitsubishi Corporation by establishing PT Suku Cadang Oto Sejahtera (SCO), a trading company in the field of automotive parts.

As quoted from the company's disclosure on Monday (3/16), Ie Putra, Director of PT Putra Mandiri Jembar Tbk (PMJS) said the total investment in the company was Rp 100 billion. "The composition of shareholders namely Mitsubishi Corporation is 66% and companies are 34%," he said.

The source of investment funds comes from the company's internal cash. The company formed will be engaged in the spares e-commerce platform. Therefore, the presence of this subsidiary is expected to increase sales and company revenue. (LK)