HEAL - PT. Medikaloka Hermina Tbk

Rp 1.340

-15 (-1,12%)

JAKARTA - Yulisar Khiat increased his stake in PT Medikaloka Hermina Tbk (HEAL) by purchasing 500,000 HEAL shares last week. After the transaction, his stake in the company rose to 11.79% (350,391,200 shares).

As quoted from the company's disclosure on Thursday (19/3), he purchased those shares on four separate transactions during the period of 6-11 March 2020 with variable prices. On 6 March, he purchased 39,800 shares at a price of Rp 2,972 per share. The other transactions were conducted at 9 March ( 307,400 shares at a price of Rp 2,749 per share, 10 March (96,600 shares at a price of Rp 2,723 per share), and 11 March (56,200 shares at a price of Rp 2,668 per share).

He purchased those shares for investment. Yulisar Khiat is one of the directors of HEAL. (LK/AR).