JAKARTA. Global competition to obtain raw materials for personal protective equipment (PPE) is getting tougher, said Investment Coordinating Board (ICB) Head Bahlil Lahadalia.

"All countries are fighting to obtain PPE raw materials, and even developed countries are experiencing scarcity," said Mr Lahadalia during a visit to PPE producer PT GA Indonesia.

Mr Lahadalia explained that the two countries searching for the most amount of PPE raw materials are China and South Korea. Thus, he said, the Indonesian government will prioritise raw materials for domestic PPE demand.

"Those who deliberately compound PPE producers will be dealt with harshly," Mr Lahadalia affirmed.

Currently PT GA Indonesia is partnering with five South Korean garment companies to speed up PPE production. The company said that PPE production can be run faster due to relaxation from ICB. (KR/MS)