JAKARTA - The Ministry of Research and Technology / National Agency for Research and Innovation (Kemenristek / BRIN) will use Rp 38 billion from its budget to fund COVID-19 vaccine research that will be conducted by a consortium.

Bambang Brojonegero, Minister of Research and Technology and Head of the Agency for Research and Innovation (Menristek / BRIN) said the research fund was taken from the Ministry of Research and Technology's budget, following the President's instructions. "For research, the budget is Rp 38 billion, for various activities mentioned earlier. Obviously this is still the initial budget and will later be adjusted as needed," he said as quoted from a press release from the COVID-19 Mitigation Task Force in Jakarta on Tuesday (7/4).

In addition to conducting research on the COVID-19 vaccine, the consortium was assigned to conduct research on medicines and herbs to boost immunity and also develop Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

In addition, the consortium will focus on providing rapid test kits, developing supplements, multivitamins, and immune modulators from various Indonesian plants and other medical equipment. (LK/AR)