JAKARTA - In order to support the realization of the Sharia Economic Master Plan carried out by the National Sharia Economics and Finance Committee (KNEKS), as well as one of the strategic steps in realizing the government's plan to make Indonesia the leading center of Islamic economics in the world in 2024, LinkAja officially launched LinkAja Syariah services as the first sharia electronic money in Indonesia which facilitates various types of payments according to sharia rules.

Ventje Rahardjo, Executive Director of the National Committee for Sharia Finance Economics said, "Sharia Digital Payment is very helpful in meeting the needs of sharia-compliant community transactions as technology develops and changes in lifestyle patterns so rapidly. Among them are the ease of halal product transactions in e-commerce, payment and distribution of Zakat, Infaq, Alms, Waqf (ZISWAF) as well as other religious social funds."

LinkAja Sharia Service is the first and only sharia e-money in Indonesia that received a DSN MUI certificate after the issuance of the DSN MUI Fatwa No.116 / DSN-MUI / IX / 2017 concerning sharia e-money, as well as permission to develop server-based electronic money products from Bank Indonesia.

In its implementation, LinkAja Syariah Services prioritizes several basic principles, namely the placement of funds in cooperation with a number of Islamic banks, applying transaction procedures in accordance with sharia principles, and can be accepted at all LinkAja merchants. At present, LinkAja Syariah Services has collaborated with more than 242 institutions and ZISWAF distribution institutions, more than 1,000 mosques, Islamic boarding schools, as well as several e-commerce and offline merchants partners. (LM)