BYAN - PT. Bayan Resources Tbk

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JAKARTA - The impact of the COVID-19 virus began to be felt by a number of companies, including PT Bayan Resources Tbk (BYAN), which decided to temporarily suspend the operations of three of its subsidiaries.

As stated by Director of Bayan Resources Alastair Mcleod in the disclosure of information today (15/4), the three subsidiaries are PT Bara Tabang, PT Indonesia Pratama, and PT Fajar Sakti Prima.

The operations of the three subsidiaries have been suspended since 25 March 2020 and the operations will resume on 30 Apil 2020.

Mcleod stated that the suspension was the company's effort to comply with the social distancing policy made by the government, and the decision had no material impact on the company's financial performance and business continuity. (ARM/AR)