ASII - PT. Astra International Tbk

Rp 5.800

+200 (+3,45%)

JAKARTA. PT Astra International Tbk. sold 129,715 cars in Q1 2020, 3.36% lower than its record in Q1 2019.

The figure was revealed in the data from the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) managed by Astra. Cumulatively, Astra's car sales in Q1 2020 were also relatively better compared to car sales in the domestic market in the same period, which fell by 6.88% to 236,825 units.

However, the sales data is wholesale sales data, not retail sales. It means that the sales data only covered sales from the factory to the dealer network of each brand, not sales to consumers.

Head of Investor Relations of Astra International  Tira Ardianti said that the data did not take into account the impact of COVID-19. According to him, production is still running normally so that the level of sales from the factory to the dealer does not change too much.

According to Tira, the COVID-19 outbreak had affected car demand in the retail market. (AM/AR)