TSPC - PT. Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk (TSPC) will distribute cash dividends of Rp 225 billion, taken from its net profit in 2019 of Rp 554.26 billion. This decision was approved by 99.89% of its shareholders during the company's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) which took place on Tuesday (30/6)

As quoted from the company's disclosure published on Friday (3/7), the value of the dividend is equivalent to Rp 50 per share. Aside from dividends, the company will also keep Rp 4.84 billion as retained earnings and Rp 2.25 billion as reserve.  

In the AGM, it was also decided that dividend payments would be made on 30 July 2020. Cum date for the regular and negotiated market is set on 8 July 2020, while for the cash market, it is set on 10 July 2020. (LK/AR)