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JAKARTA - PT Putra Rajawali Kencana Tbk (PURA) has only used Rp 8.40 billion of the funds obtained from its IPO (Rp 189 billion). The remaining Rp 176.89 billion is placed in its affiliate, PT Rajawali Inti with an interest of 5% per year for two years.

According to the company's disclosure published on Wednesday (8/7), Ratna Hidayati, Corporate Secretary of PT Putra Rajawali Tbk (PURA) stated that the funds were used to purchase trucks, trailers, tires and truck accessories. The company has spent Rp 7.23 billion on trucks and trailers and Rp 1.16 billion on tires and accessories. 

The company plans to spend Rp 180.38 billion on trucks and trailers and Rp 4.91 billion on tires and accessories. (LK/AR)