PTPW - PT. Pratama Widya Tbk

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JAKARTa - PT Pratama Widya Tbk (PTPW), a construction company, filed a lawsuit againts two companies, PT Oxley Karya Indo Batam and PT Karya Indo Batam. With the lawsuit filed to the Batam District Court on 13 July 2020, PTPW's management sued two companies for material losses (Rp 27.18 billion) and interest (Rp 1.07 billion).

As quoted from the company's disclosure on Friday (17/7), Cyrilus Winatama, Director of PT Pratama Widya Tbk (PTPW) said that the defendants in the case were Rich Link Construction, PT Bank Maybank Indonesia, National Land Agency (BPN), and Andreas Timothy, a notary.

In the petitum submitted to the court, the management of the company asked for the defendants' movable and immovable assets to be confiscated, and for the defendant to pay material and immaterial damages worth Rp 5 billion. (LK/AR)