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JAKARTA - PT Panca Global Kapital Tbk (PEGE) will pay a cash dividend of Rp 17 billion, or Rp 6 per share, from its 2019 net profit of Rp 33.02 billion. The decision was made at the company's AGM on Monday (10/8).

In a stock exchange filing on Tuesday (11/8), PEGE CEO Jutin Intan said Rp 17 billion of the company's net profit is allocated for a dividend, Rp 15.97 billion as retained earnings, and the remaining Rp 50 billion as a reserve fund.

The cash dividend will be paid on September 10, 2020, whereas the cum and ex dividends in the regular and negotiation markets will be paid on August 18 and 19 while the cum and ex dividends in the cash market will be paid on August 24 and 25. The decision was approved by the company's shareholders, representing 2,284,235,895 shares or 80.618% of all of the company's issued shares. (LK/MS)