JAKARTA. The Social Security Administration for Health (BPJS Kesehatan) estimated that its casfhlow by the end of 2020 will reach a Rp 2.5 trillion surplus.

According to BPJS Kesehatan CEO Fachmi Idris, the calculations took into account the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the possibility of delayed premium payments and births with medical treatment.

"We project a surplus of Rp 2.5 trillion at the end of the year," Mr Idris said at a meeting with the House of Representative's Commission IX this week.

As well as a surplus cashflow, Mr Idris said BPJS Kesehatan has repaid all maturing debts. In 2019, BPJS Kesehatan had Rp 15 trillion in maturing debts. "We have repaid all of hospital debts and there has been no default since 1 July 2020," Mr Idris said.

Currently BPJS Kesehatan has Rp 1.75 trillion in debt claims as well as Rp 1.37 trillion in unverified claims. (AM/MS)