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JAKARTA - PT Mayora Indah Tbk (MYOR) has denied the information that the producer of Le Minerale, PT Tirta Frisindo Jaya (TFJ) is a MYOR subsidiary.

Yuni Gunawan, Corporate Secretary of MYOR stated through a disclosure on Thursday (24/9) that Tirta Frisindo is one of the companies in Mayora Group, and not a subsidiary of MYOR. 

She made the statement as a response to the information on Tirta Frisindo's website which stated that TFJ was a MYOR subsidiary. "We have mentioned the mistake to TFJ management and the sentence has been removed as a correction," she said.

The Mayora Group has a number of subsidiaries that produce food and beverage brands, including Arnott, Le Minerale, Energen. (LK/AR)