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JAKARTA - Tondy Suwanto, Director of PT Puradelta Lestari Tbk (DMAS) stated in a press release on Tuesday (6/10) that during the period of January-September 2020, the developer of Delta Mas city managed to record Rp 1.38 trillion in pre-sales revenue.

According to him, the record is equivalent to 69 percent of the company's target for this year (Rp 2 trillion). Most of the figure came from industrial land (67.7%). "Demand for industrial areas remains strong despite the pandemic," he said.

He said that there were still demands for about 120 hectares (Ha) of industrial land, mostly from automotive, logistics, and IT company.

According to him, his party is optimistic that it will be able to achieve its target due to high consumer interest. "With the high demand for industrial land and intensive negotiation process with prospective buyers, we can achieve that target," he said. (LK/AR)