KIJA - PT. Kawasan Industri Jababeka Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Kawasan Industri Jababeka Tbk (KIJA) is one of the members of the consortium submitting pre-qualification documents for the tender of the operator of of the Patimban port in West Java.

"We welcome the invitation from Samudera Indonesia, which has experience in the logistics business and as a terminal operator, to participate in the tender," said Budianto Liman, President Director of PT Jababeka Tbk (KIJA) through a disclosure submitted to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

He said that Samudera Indonesia Tangguh (SIT) and KIJA established their consortium last week (12/10). The consortium had submitted pre-qualification documents needed for the tender to the Directorate General of Sea Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation.

"If we pass the prequalification, we will study the terms and conditions in detail, while still obeying the terms of our global bond contracts and capital market regulations," he said. (LK/AR)