JAKARTA. The Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) revoked the suspension of PT Real Time Futures' business license. Previously, the license was frozen because the company did not comply with regulations in Indonesia.

On the same occasion, Bappebti said that Real Time Futures has increased its paid-in capital, equity, and maintained its Net Adjusted Capital (MBD). In addition, Real Time Futures has also obtained all licenses needed by a futures brokerage company.

According to data received by idnfinancials.com, Real Time Futures have been frozen for 7 months. "Because Real Time Futures does not meet the capital requirements and cannot maintain the required financial integrity and business reputation," explained Bappebti in its official statement on 12 March 2020.

For information, Real Time Futures runs the futures investment business, through foreign exchange and stock transaction. The company is based at the International Financial Center Tower 2, South Jakarta. On its official website, Real Times Future was founded in 2001 under the name PT Bima Cakra Futures. (KR/AR)