IFII - PT. Indonesia Fibreboard Industry Tbk

Rp 150

-2 (-1,33%)

JAKARTA - PT Indonesian Fiberboard Industry Tbk (IFII) will distribute an interim dividend of IDR 28.23 billion from the 2020 financial year. The decision was made in a board of directors meeting approved by the IFII board of commissioners on Wednesday (24/11).

Heffy Hartono, President Director of IFII, said that the cash dividend distribution was based on the provisions regulated by the company. "The dividend distribution proposal has received approval from the board of commissioners," he said in a published statement.

The interim dividend is IDR 3 per share to be paid on December 22, 2020.

The approval letter was signed by the IFII board of commissioners, including President Commissioner Surja Hartono, Commissioner Atsushi Takahama, and Independent Commissioner Sumarni. (LK/VA)