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JAKARTA - PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk (APLN) obtained a funding of SGD 172.80 million, from Guthrie Venture Pte Ltd, to accelerate debt repayment to Credit Opportunities II Pte Limited.

In an information disclosure published on Tuesday (1/12), Cesar M Dela Cruz, Director of APLN, said that the accelerated repayment was to pay off debts to Credit Opportunities II Pte Limited which was agreed on September 24, 2019. "The repayment is financed based on a senior guaranteed term facility agreement on November 20, 2020 made with Guthrie Venture Pte Ltd as the initial creditor," he said.

Collateral for the loan facility includes pawning of company accounts and certificates of ownership of apartments and Central Park shopping center. The signing of the Central Park mortgage will take place after the previous debt repayment process has been completed by the company and Guthrie. (LK/VA)