ULTJ - PT. Ultra Jaya Milk Industry & Trading Company Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Ultrajaya Milk Industry & Trading Co Tbk (ULTJ), a food and beverage producer, plans to develop a factory facility at a cattle farm in Brastagi, North Sumatra. This was conveyed by Sabana Prawirawidjaja, President Director of ULTJ.

He stated that currently the cattle breeding facility in Brastagi was equipped with a speed dryer factory for drying milk which was ready to be sent to Bandung, West Java. "In the future we plan to develop a factory to cover the production in Sumatra and develop new products there," Prawirawidjaja mentioned.

According to him, the plan will be realized in the next two to three years. Currently, 4,000 cows are being raised in this 10-year-old facility. "Our wish in Brastagsi is to create a dairy system like in Java, such as smallholder farms, so that ULTJ farms in Brastagi can be the center for collecting milk from smallholder breeders," he said. (LK/VA)