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JAKARTA - Along with the company's commitment to continue providing the best service and experience to customers, PT Blue Bird Tbk (BIRD), as one of the leading transportation services in Indonesia, announced its plan to launch the latest version of the MyBlueBird application.

Noni Purnomo, President Director of PT Blue Bird Tbk said, "As a pioneer and foremost transportation service provider company in Indonesia, Bluebird continues to be committed to providing the best service to its loyal customers. We are very enthusiastic in presenting the latest version of the MyBlueBird application as an option and alternative for the community in getting BlueBird services which will help mobility of everyday life."

The launch of the latest version of the MyBlueBird application will present a variety of the latest features that make it easier and offer extra comfort for loyal Bluebird customers when traveling using the MyBlueBird application. Noni added that the details of the new features and innovations of the app will be revealed at launch, which is planned to be introduced on January 19, 2021. (LM)