LRNA - PT. Eka Sari Lorena Transport Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Eka Sari Lorena Transport Tbk (LRNA) sued PT Pos Logistik Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), and other defendants in the Central Jakarta District Court. Quoted from the, the lawsuit was registered last week (5/2) with case number 86/Pdt.G/2021/PN Central Jakarta.

In the plaintiff's petitum contents, quoted on Tuesday (9/2), Lorena filed a lawsuit against two other parties, including Askiwan Bin Suwardi and PT Bhayangkara Satria Perkasa. Defendant I, Defendant II, and Defendant III were asked to joint responsibility compensating all material losses, suffered by LRNA, amounting to IDR 471.80 million.

The history of the case does not state in detail the basis of the illegal acts between LRNA and the three defendants. (LK/VA)