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JAKARTA - PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk (BSDE) is optimistic that the Value Added Tax (PPN) incentive policy will boost property sales this year. This was conveyed by Herman Wijaya, Director of BSDE in a press release quoted on Thursday (4/3).

He conveyed that the stimulus policy in the property sector is urgently needed by consumers and housing developers. This is because consumers have the flexibility to manage their finances to buy property with various discount programs offered by developers. "The VAT exemption policy benefits consumers to buy housing products because there is no additional VAT," he said.

As an information, the Ministry of Finance released PMK No.21/2021 regarding 100% VAT incentives for landed and apartment houses with a maximum price of IDR 2 billion and 50% VAT for houses worth a maximum of IDR 5 billion.

This year, BSDE management is targeting sales of IDR 4.4 trillion for the residential segment and IDR 1.6 trillion for the commercial segment. Last year, this company earned IDR 6.5 trillion from sales of 3,100 property units. (LK/LM)