TRJA - PT. Transkon Jaya Tbk

Rp 276

-16 (-5,67%)

JAKARTA - PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA), a vehicle leasing company for mining company, has received another reduction in financing interest rates from PT Dipo Star Finance.

Alexander Syauta, Corporate Secretary of TRJA, said that the interest rate cut was 0.75%, so that the effective interest rate was 9%. "This interest rate reduction applies to all Mitsubishi products financed by PT Dipo Star Finance," said Syauta through an official statement received by

He added, the interest rate cut would greatly support TRJA's cost efficiency program. With this efficiency, the company's financial performance is projected to increase.

In addition, Syauta admitted that the interest rate, given by Dipo Finance, was even lower than the interest rate given by commercial banks, especially interest rates for the corporate segment.

As previously reported by, TRJA also received a 1% discount in loan interest rates from Dipo Finance in October 2020. This decline was met with an adjustment in TRJA’s vehicles rental prices. (KR/VA)