BSDE - PT. Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk

Rp 1.200

-10 (-0,83%)

JAKARTA. PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk (BSDE) bond valued at IDR 25 billion were affirmed by the idAA rating of PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (Pefindo). The rating is valid from March 9, 2021 to March 1, 2022.

The rating is given because the issuer has a very strong ability to fulfill its long-term financial commitments for the debt securities, Pefindo wrote in a press release on Sunday (14/3/2021). The rating was given to PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk's Shelf Registration Bond II Phase I Series B Year 2016. with a principal of IDR 25 billion.

Responding to Pefindo's affirmation, Bumi Serpong Damai Director Hermawan Wijaya said the affirmation reflected the company's strong business position in the property industry with a variety of products, diversified area coverage, and strong liquidity. (AM/LM)