SNLK - PT. Sunter Lakeside Hotel Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Sunter Lakeside Hotel Tbk (SNLK), the manager of Sunlake Hotel, will change the facilities of 100 room units for long stay room functions in response to rising consumer demand. This was conveyed by Sapto Utomo Hidajat, President Director of PT Sunter Lakeside Hotel Tbk (SNLK) in a press release quoted on Monday (29/3).

"There is an opportunity for demand from consumers for long-term services because we have an advantage over competitors with the same facilities," he said after IPO on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) today.

The plan to convert the room facilities will be carried out in stages after obtaining fresh funds in an initial public offering (IPO) last week. SNLK issued 150 million shares with an exercise price of IDR 150 per share. From this corporate action, fresh funds were collected worth IDR 22.50 billion. SNKL management recorded oversubscribed 3.04 times from the total IPO SNLK shares during the offering period.

Sunlake Hotel used to be known as Hotel Sunter with 228 room units, swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium, and other facilities. (LK/LM)