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JAKARTA – Property project of PT Rimo International Lestari Tbk (RIMO) is on the brink of suspension after Attorney General’s Office confiscated several assets of RIMO’s subsidiary following the allegation of corrupt practices over investment funds towards PT Asabri (Persero). The news was received through President Director of RIMO, Teddy Tjokrosapoetro, in the information disclosure on Thursday (8/4).

“All subsidiary’s assets were confiscated, thus automatically stopping the operations altogether. The company could not proceed with the initially planned arrangement of permit and housing project development. It threatens the company’s life,” Tjokrosapoetro claimed.

Since last month (5/3), the Attorney General’s Office has confiscated several buildings and land owned by RIMO and its subsidiaries in nine locations. They include 18 units of South Hills apartments under PT Duta Regency Karunia in Jakarta, a land in Serang, Banten, under PT Batu Kuda Propertindo, a land in Cianjur, West Java, under PT Gema Inti Perkasa, and another land in Kendari, Southwest Sulawesi under PT Andalan Tekno Korindo.

Furthermore, there were also a land in Mempawah, West Kalimantan under PT Tri Kartika, a land and Matahari Mall building in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, under PT Matahari Pontianak Indah Mall, a land and 22 units of shop houses in Banjar, South Kalimantan, under PT Banua Land Sejahtera, a land and Rupa Rupi Handicraft Market building in Bandung, West Java, under PT Gita Adittya Graha, and another land and Hotel Maestro building in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, under PT Indo Putra Khatulistiwa.

The Attorney General’s Office has arrested Benny Tjokrosaputro, RIMO’s shareholder, for the alleged corruption of management and investment funds by PT Asabri (Persero) over several companies during 2012-2019.

“The legal case of Benny Tjokrosaputro regarding the alleged corruption is a personal matter. The company has never cooperated with Asabri in any form,” Teddy stated. (LK/ZH)