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JAKARTA - One of its pillars, the end-to-end logistics business, the delivery services called Anteraja, owned by PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk (“ASSA”), managed to post a record growth of revenues in 2020 that reached IDR 794.72 billion, or grew by 841.99% compared to IDR 84.37 billion in 2019.

President Director of ASSA Prodjo Sunarjanto said, "We are pleased with this achievement, considering that Anteraja has only been operating for less than two years. As of the end of 2020, Anteraja contributed 24.71% to ASSA's total revenues, which is the second largest contribution after the rental business. This figure increased significantly compared to 2019 whereas Anteraja's contribution was only 3.45% to ASSA's total revenues. Of course, all of ASSA's achievements during 2020 were also supported by solid performance from other business lines such as rentals and auctions."

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that occurred throughout 2020, ASSA managed to end the year with a recorded revenues increase of 30.12% year on year (yoy), from IDR 2.33 trillion in 2019 to IDR 3.04 trillion in 2020. ASSA's revenue growth during 2020 is supported by the stable performance of each ASSA’s business line. The auction business line grew by 21.75%, the logistics business grew by 22.81%, and the rental business grew by 1.17% throughout 2020. (LM)