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JAKARTA – PT Gudang Garam Tbk (GGRM), a cigarette manufacturer, filed another lawsuit demanding the brand cancellation of Gudang Baru (GB) through Surabaya Commercial Court. GB products are deemed to have a resemblance with Gudang Garam (GG) products.

Heru Budiman, GGRM Corporate Secretary, mentioned that the company had won a lawsuit against GB on August 28, 2017. However, GB still uses its brand that possesses similarities look-wise with GG. “The products of GB have resemblance with GG products, which could be deceiving. It is as if GB products were under GG,” Budiman explained through the information disclosure, quoted Thursday (22/4).

According to Budiman, GGRM has filed a lawsuit in Surabaya District Court on March 22, 2021, under the case file No.3/Pdt.Sus HKI/Merek/2021/PN Niaga Sby. On November 10, 2015, the case had been brought to the Supreme Court under the case file No.104PK/Pid.Sus/2015 and had been won by GGRM. “This lawsuit would not affect the company’s operational and financial activities,” Budiman assured.

Based on the website, the defendant’s name is Ali Khosin. (LK/ZH)