INCO - PT. Vale Indonesia Tbk

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JAKARTA – The Annual General Shareholders Meeting (RUPST) of PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (INCO) today (29/4) agreed to reposition Nicolas Kanter, its President Director, to become one of the commissaries of the company. Bernardus Irmanto, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of INCO, relayed the news in a press conference, quoted Thursday (29/4).

It was stated that the vacant position would be filled by Febriany Eddy, who used to be the Director/Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of INCO. “The office term of Nicolas D Kanter as the President Director ended on the closing of the RUPST 2021,” Irmanto explained.

With the concluded RUPST 2021, the board of directors of INCO now comprises Febriany Eddy as the President Director, Adriansyah Chaniago as the Vice President Director, and Bernardus Irmanto, Dani Widjaja, Agus Superiadi, and Vinicius Mendes Ferreira as the directors. (LK/ZH)