ZBRA - PT. Zebra Nusantara Tbk

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-10 (-2,00%)

JAKARTA – PT Trinity Healthcare (TH), the new controller of PT Zebra Nusantara’s (ZBRA) shares, would conduct the mandatory tender offer (MTO) for 190.946.873 Series A and B shares for a month starting today (30/4) to May 29, 2021. David Widiantoro, the Corporate Secretary of ZBRA, announced this plan in the information disclosure, quoted Friday (30/4).

It was specified that the amount of Series A shares to be offered was 40.079.098 units and Series B 150.867.777 units, both amounting to 22.30% of the entire issued and paid-up capital. Its price was set to IDR 77 each, which was equal to IDR 14.7 billion.

The said corporate action was conducted after PT Infinity Wahana, the former controller of ZBRA, handed over 665.186.134 of its shares, equal to 77.70%, to TH at the end of March 2021. By issuing this MTO, TH would give opportunities to the public investors who own 22.30% shares to sell theirs so TH could obtain 80% ownership of ZBRA, while the remaining 20% stays with the public. (LK/ZH)