AMRT - PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Sumber Alfaria Triaya Tbk (AMRT), the Alfamart retail store owner, would conduct a rights issue by offering 5 billion shares worth IDR 10 each. Lana Pudjianto, the Financial Plan and Reporting Manager of Alfaria, announced this initiative through the information disclosure, quoted Tuesday (4/5).

According to Pudjianto, the said corporate action would be initiated at least 12 months after the shareholders’ approval in the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meetings on Thursday (6/5). “The shareholders who would not use their rights in this corporate action would have its shares diluted by 10.75%,” Pudjianto stated.

The management has not yet decided the offering price of the shares. However, it plans to allocate the collected funds from the rights issue to the capital expenditure to expand the business. “The funds to be received during the rights issue would be allotted to investment on technology companies that could synergise with our company,” Pudjianto claimed. (LK/ZH)