BBKP - PT. Bank KB Bukopin Tbk

Rp 314

-12 (-3,82%)

JAKARTA – PT Bank KB Bukopin Tbk (BBKP) intends to conduct the sixth rights issue by offering Class-B shares, with a nominal of IDR 100 each. Meliawati, the Corporate Secretary of Bank Bukopin, relayed the news through the information disclosure, quoted Monday (10/5).

“The funds collected from this rights issue, minus the stock issuance cost, would be utilised in improving the capital structure and developing business,” Meliawati continued.

The corporate action would be carried out at least 12 months after the approval from the shareholders in the General Shareholders Meeting, which would be held on June 17, 2021. In March 2021, the bank has channelled credits of IDR 59.30 trillion, decreasing from IDR 60.54 trillion in December 2020. The third-party funds were at IDR 45.45 trillion, comprising current accounts of IDR 6.05 trillion, saving accounts of IDR 5.41 trillion, and deposit accounts of IDR 33.98 trillion.

In April 2021, Bank Bukopin recorded a total of 32,673,251,194 units of shares. KB Kookmin Bank owns 67% of them, followed by PT Bosowa Corporindo 9.70%, and other shareholders of 23.29%. (LK/ZH)