SKLT - PT. Sekar Laut Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Sekar Laut Tbk (SKLT), a food and beverages manufacturer, projects its sales performance to grow approximately 5% this year from its sales realisation in 2020 of IDR 1.25 trillion. Harry Sunogo, the President Director of Sekar Laut, stated in the written public expose, quoted Monday (17/5).

“We believe the business would continue to grow this year despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” Sunogo claimed.

According to Sunogo, the estimated sales growth resulted from the public’s increasingly selective attitude in choosing hygienic products. While at the same time, the company tries to maintain the quality of the consumption goods and meet the international standard. “The increasing public’s needs allow the food products’ market to expand,” he explained.

In Q1 2021, SKLT scores IDR 337 billion revenue, with a net profit of IDR 18 billion. In December 2020, the gross and net profit reached IDR 334 billion and IDR 43 billion. (LK/ZH)