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JAKARTA – PT Saranacentral Bajatama Tbk (BAJA) secured a net profit of IDR 42.92 billion in Q1 2021, soaring high from an IDR 99.38 billion loss in Q1 2020. Handaja Susanto, the President Director of Saranacentral Bajatama, reported this gain in its Financial Report of Q1 2021, published Monday (17/5).

According to Susanto, the gain resulted from the sales growth, the efficiency of costs of goods sold, and the diminishing foreign currency exchange loss. BAJA collected IDR 376.48 billion worth of sales, a gross profit of IDR 71.97 billion, and earnings of IDR 68.98 billion. In Q1 2020, the company only scored a profit of IDR 348.68 billion, gross profit of IDR 9.66 billion, and earnings of IDR 4.75 billion.

BAJA managed to reduce its foreign currency exchange loss to IDR 16.27 billion from IDR 102.07 billion. It also managed to press down its interest expense loss from IDR 4.03 billion to IDR 2.21 billion.

The biggest amount of revenue came from Saranalume products sales of IDR 339.38 billion, followed by Galvanis IDR 23 billion, Coloring IDR 12.50 billion, and non-production IDR 1.98 billion. Meanwhile, in Q1 2020, Saranalume products sales only reached IDR 224.64 billion, Galvanis IDR 120.25 billion, and Coloring IDR 4.10 billion. (LK/ZH)