BBYB - PT. Bank Neo Commerce Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Bank Neo Commerce Tbk (BBYB) seeks fresh funds of IDR 249.81 billion by offering 832,714,404 shares in its fourth rights issue to be held next week (15-21/6). Agnes Fitri Triliana Dewi, the Corporate Secretary of Bank Neo Commerce, announces this plan in the information disclosure, quoted Tuesday (8/6).

It is mentioned that this corporate action would be carried out with an 8:1 ratio, meaning that each owner of eight shares would have one share in this rights issue. The new nominal price is set to IDR 100 per unit, with the execution price IDR 300 per share.

BBYB’s current authorised capital is IDR 15 billion, worth IDR 100 per share or IDR 1.5 trillion. The issued and paid-up capital reached IDR 666.17 billion, in which PT Gozcon Capital owns 20.13%, PT Asabri (Persero) 18.62%, PT Akulaku Silvrr Indonesia (ASI) 24.98%, Yellow Brick Enterprise Ltd 11.10%, and the public 25.17%.

Assuming that all stakeholders are participating, the issued and paid-up capital would then shift to IDR 7.49 billion, with the identical shares’ ownership structure. However, should GC and ASI be the only companies carrying out their commitments, the issued and paid-up capital would only increase to IDR 703.74 billion. GC owns 21.43%, Asabri (Persero) 17.63%, ASI 26.60%, Yellow Brick Enterprise Ltd 10.51%, and public 28.83%. (LK/ZH)