JAKARTA - Bank Syariah Indonesia projects that the prospect of Islamic banking will grow positively in 2021. This was conveyed by the President Director of Bank Syariah Indonesia Hery Gunardi during the presentation of the Prospects of Islamic Banking After Merger in the CEO Talk event.

Hery explained that based on OJK projection data at the 2021 financial services annual meeting and BSI internal research, the Islamic banking industry will grow in double digits. Nationally, sharia economic growth reached 2.4-3.7%. In terms of financing and third party fundraising, it is estimated to grow 13-18%, while in terms of financing quality, it is projected at 3-3.5%.

As of March 2021, the positive performance of Islamic Banks is shown by the position of assets reaching IDR 605 trillion, financing growing by 6.52% and collecting third party funds of 11.58%. While maintaining the quality of NPF financing at 3.29% and BOPO efficiency at 78.75%.

Bank Syariah Indonesia is optimistic that the pandemic will become a challenge for Islamic banking to innovate and seek new sharia business opportunities. So that the existence of BSI after the merger will certainly become a leading sharia bank that realizes the potential of the halal economic business in Indonesia. (LM)