BBKP - PT. Bank KB Bukopin Tbk

Rp 242

-8 (-3,00%)

JAKARTA – PT Bank KB Bukopin Tbk (BBKP) is granted a rating upgrade to AAAidn (triple-A) from AAidn by PT Fitch Rating Indonesia. This upgrade follows the completion of a major stock transfer to KB Kookmin Bank.

Chang Su Choi, the President Director of Bank KB Bukopin, admits that the ownership of KB Kookmin Bank in Bank Bukopin raises the trust from the rating institution, such as Pefindo and Fitch, as well as the people. “The solid support from the stock controllers are vital to the bank,” Choi adds in a press conference, quoted Tuesday (6/7).

According to Choi, this gain would drive Bukopin to transform into one of the banks with superior quality in its services, especially in digital banking services. The swift, simple, and easy transaction would become the key in its services.

Fitch Rating Indonesia has just upgraded the rating of Bank Bukopin to the highest level nationally. This position indicates that the bank, as the issuer of bonds, has the lowest chance of settlement failure compared to the levels below. Additionally, Fitch also evaluates the ratings in the long term and on a national level. The result signifies that the BBKP’s parent entity, KB Kookmin Bank, has a strong commitment to the bank itself. (LK/ZH)