JAKARTA – The government receives another credit from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) of USD 500 million, equivalent to IDR 7.2 trillion, to support vaccine distribution and the COVID-19 pandemic management.

Toshiaki Keicho, Principal Investment Operation Specialist of AIIB, stated that this financial aid aims to distribute the vaccine more even, more extensive, and in a safer way. “The additional fund is channelled to boost hospitals’ preparation in handling COVID-19 and maintain other non-COVID-19 health facilities,” Keicho further added yesterday (15/7) in Jakarta.

According to Keicho, these additional loans could also be utilised to solidify the logistic system and the management of the vaccine. In addition, it could also promote coordination of the emergency response towards the pandemic in Indonesia.

This fund disbursement is the third stage of the total credit granted by AIIB of USD 1.5 billion. In the first and second phases, AIIB had distributed USD 750 million in May 2020 and USD 250 billion in June 2020. (LK/ZH)