JAKARTA – The Indonesian Competition Committee (lit. Komisi Pengawas dan Persaingan Usaha/KPPU) asks the drug manufacturer and distributor to take advantage of the relaxation policy regarding monopolistic practices unhealthy business competition. They are encouraged to coordinate and collaborate to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Aru Armando, Head of KPPU Regional Office III Bandung, states in a press conference, quoted Friday (16/7).

“Each business owner could exchange information regarding the volume, production, and retail of the goods so that they could be proportionally distributed,” Armando adds.

It is mentioned that the relaxation regarding monopolistic business practices is stated in Commission Regulation of KPPU No.3/2020. It includes five principles: social justice; solely for the public’s welfare; supporting business owners; applying policies with prudence, transparency, fairness, and accountability; and not creating a moral hazard.

According to Armando, this policy has been utilised by business owners in West Java regarding the supply and distribution of health equipment and medicine in handling COVID-19. “In regard to the COVID-19 response, the collaboration within business owners are not seen as anti-competition practices. Instead, it aims to help the national economy to recover,” Armando assures. (LK/ZH)