JAKARTA. The Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, reveals that the total budget allotted to COVID-19 and national economic recovery has been raised to IDR 744.75 trillion from the initial IDR 699.43 trillion.

Mulyani claims that that the development of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia forces them to reorganise the budget. She specifies further that the largest sum still goes to the health-related budget with IDR 214.95 trillion. It increases by IDR 21.05 trillion from the initial allocation during the cabinet meeting of IDR 193.9 trillion.

According to Mulyani, the most extensive jump is seen in the social protection budget. It has been raised by IDR 33.9 trillion, from IDR 153.8 trillion to IDR 187.8 trillion. The said number already includes the estimated additional COVID-19 patients’ claims, emergency hospital provision, and vaccination acceleration regarding the enforcement of Community Activities Restriction (PPKM).

On the other hand, the Ministry of Finance does not make any changes to the allotted budget for business incentives of IDR 62.8 trillion. (AM/ZH)