TPIA - PT. Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Chandra Asri Tbk (TPIA), a petrochemical company, distributes 210 tons of liquid oxygen to several hospitals in DKI Jakarta and Banten. This supply would answer the demand for liquid oxygen regarding the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Erwin Ciputra, President Director of Chandra Asri, claims that the liquid oxygen provision is a way of the company helping the COVID-19 patients in hospitals. “This relief would be channelled to Mayapada Hospitals in Jakarta and Banten, which are a part of Indonesia Regional Hospitals Association,” Ciputra explains in a press conference, quoted on Monday (19/7).

According to Ciputra, the overflowing liquid oxygen demand rises following the surge in COVID-19 cases. As a result, the government is boosting liquid oxygen production up to 922.9 tons per day from its current maximum production capacity of 1,700 tons per day.

On the other occasion, Jonathan Tahir, CEO of Mayapada Healthcare Group, confirms that Chandra Asri delivers 90 tons of liquid oxygen to Mayada. “These would assist the patients currently struggling with COVID-19,” he adds.

The need for liquid oxygen jumps to 1,000 tons per day from the previous 400 tons per day. With this massive surge of COVID-9 cases, the government even predicts the number could go up to 2,600 tons per day. (LK/ZH)