JAKARTA. The Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, reveals that until July 16, 2021, the realisation of the COVID-19 response and national economic recovery budget only reaches 37.2% or IDR 277.36 trillion out of IDR 744.75 trillion.

The budget is realised through social protection program of IDR 82.22 trillion (43.8%) out of IDR 187.84 trillion and the health-related field of IDR 54.1 trillion (25.2%) out of IDR 214.95 trillion. There are also small businesses and cooperative unit support of IDR 51.53 trillion (32%) out of IDR 161.2 trillion, business incentives of IDR 45.07 trillion (71.7%) out of IDR 62.83 trillion, and priority programmes of IDR 44.44 trillion (37.7%) out of IDR 117.94 trillion.

The rise in the COVID-19 response and national economic recovery budget is due to the increasing social protection budget limit, from IDR 153.86 trillion to IDR 187.84 trillion, and the health-related field budget limit, from IDR 172 trillion to IDR 214.95 trillion. Mulyani disclosed this information during the KiTa State Budget virtual press conference on Wednesday (21/7). (AM/ZH)