CPIN - PT. Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Tbk

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JAKARTA – The General Shareholders Meeting of PT Charoen Pokphan Indonesia Tbk (CPIN) agreed to distribute the cash dividend amounting to IDR 1.83 trillion. It would be taken out of the current profit attributable to the parent company from the profit of the fiscal year 2020 of IDR 3.84 trillion.

In the information disclosure, quoted Tuesday (27/7), Hadijanto Kartika, Corporate Secretary of Charoen Pokphand Indonesia, reveals that the allocation for the dividend would equal 16,398,000,000 shares worth IDR 112 each. “The amount of cash dividend is equivalent to 47.80% of the current year’s profit,” Kartika explains.

The meeting also decided to put the remaining amount of the current year’s profit into the retained earnings.

CPIN scored IDR 42.51 trillion in sales in December 2020. It slightly grew from IDR 42.50 trillion in 2019, but lower than the gain in 2018 of IDR 46.60 trillion. Its gross profit in 2020 was reported at IDR 8.25 trillion, increasing from IDR 7.97 trillion in 2019 but lower than IDR 9.10 trillion in 2018. The attributable profit also went up from IDR 3.64 trillion in 2019, yet declining from IDR 4.50 trillion in 2018. (LK/ZH)