PBID - PT. Panca Budi Idaman Tbk

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JAKARTA. Plastic packages turn out to be the highest contributor to the sales of PT Panca Budi Idaman Tbk (PBID), adding IDR 1.40 trillion out of the total IDR 2.12 trillion reported by the company for the first half of 2021.

Besides plastic packages, plastic pellets also turn in IDR 566.14 billion, while other segments partake by adding IDR 155.97 billion. Additionally, out of the total IDR 2.12 trillion in sales, the domestic sales to third parties dominate with IDR 1.78 trillion, while the sales to affiliates contribute IDR 273.12 billion. Meanwhile, export activities score IDR 65.09 billion.

After applying selling expenses, PBID is left with IDR 460.14 billion in its gross profit, IDR 304.52 billion in its operating profit, and IDR 235.24 billion in its net profit. The net profit sees an impressive jump, increasing 68.19% year-on-year (yoy) from IDR 139.86 billion reported in H1 2020. (AM/ZH)