HRUM - PT. Harum Energy Tbk

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JAKARTA. Today (2/8), PT Harum Energy Tbk (HRUM) raises its ownership portion in PT Infei Metal Industry (IMI) by acquiring new shares issued by IMI worth USD 41.16 million.

Ray A Gunara, President Director of Harum Energy, explains that this additional portion is obtained through its subsidiary, PT Tanito Harum Nickel (THN). The number of IMI’s shares freshly acquired by THN amounts to 256,187 units, equal to 14.7% of the total shares released by IMI.

This corporate action boosts THN’s portion in IMI to 39.2%. As additional information, Infei Metal Industry is a company operating in the nickel extraction and smelting business.

“The aim of this transaction performed by the company is to increase the company’s ownership in the nickel processing and smelting business unit,” Gunara confirms in the information disclosure in Indonesia Stock Exchange earlier today (2/8).

Based on data, until June 2021, IMI is reported to own net assets of USD 69.43 million. However, the net profit generated by this company only reaches USD 27.81 thousand. (KR/ZH)