SMDR - PT. Samudera Indonesia Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Samudera Indonesia Tangguh (SMDR) and PSA Corporation Ltd (PSA) have agreed to increase cooperation between the two companies in joint collaboration to encourage the birth of logistics innovation.

The agreement signed today (4/8/2021) online between Jakarta and Singapore is the basis for increased collaboration between the two companies. This collaboration includes developing trade routes between Indonesia, Southeast Asia and the world to provide multimodal services, freight forwarding, warehousing & trade financing. Samudera Indonesia and PSA will also develop supply chain innovations for the cold chain & e-commerce sector.

PSA Southeast Asia Regional CEO, Ong Kim Pong, said, “We are optimistic about looking to the future in collaboration with Samudera Indonesia, in an effort to innovate and achieve excellence in cargo transportation and supply chains. This collaboration is a joint effort to strengthen logistics connectivity that is resilient and has resilience in responding to future challenges. PSA remains committed to enhancing capabilities and promoting supply chain coordination, strengthening Singapore's reputation as a logistics hub and efficient supply chain management.”

In developing the future of supply chain management, the two partners will explore the use of digital platforms, one of which is CALISTATM, which will be able to combine logistics, licensing and financial services for customers. It is believed that this will improve the quality of cargo connectivity, and create an agile, efficient, and transparent logistics ecosystem. (LM)