JAKARTA - Bank OCBC NISP is always committed to supporting corporate customers or business actors to go far amidst the limitations and challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bank OCBC NISP's commitment is realized through a strategic partnership in providing counter-bank guarantee services with PT Asuransi Perisai Listrik Nasional (Asuransi PLN).

Corporate customers and business actors need qualified support to face challenges that exist so that their business can go far in the midst of slowing economic activity and limited mobility due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. One form of support that can be provided by banks is to issue bank guarantees for customers who need it as an important financial instrument when they enter into business collaborations or agreements.

Martin Widjaja, Director of Bank OCBC NISP said, “The guarantee that will be provided by Asuransi PLN will provide protection for bank guarantee services that will be issued by Bank OCBC NISP for corporate customers and business players. In addition to providing convenience and security in issuing bank guarantee services, this collaboration is also a tangible manifestation of the implementation of the precautionary principle at Bank OCBC NISP and an important part in risk management. We hope that this collaboration will contribute to the business development of the two organizations, to the development of customers' businesses and ultimately to contribute to boosting economic activity in Indonesia."

Bank Guarantee service is one of the banking facilities provided by Bank OCBC NISP for corporate customers. Customers will be served by Relationship Managers who are experienced and have deep knowledge in various industry sectors. Bank OCBC NISP also provides Cash Management services to help customers optimize and adjust fund management with activities and business scale for the convenience of business operations. (LM)